• Team

    Our therapists here at Point of Convergence Therapy work with people who want to feel better but don't know how to get better.
    People come in wondering if they're a good person and if they even deserve good things.
    We actively welcome people who question themselves and their experiences.

    We recognize getting better doesn't happen alone but we also know how hard it is to be vulnerable with someone new.
    Because of that, we offer free 30-minute consultations so you can get to know your therapist before making a commitment.
    Read more about each of therapists below.

    We're ready to help you feel better.

    Abigail Eck


    Edwardo S. Rodriguez Jr.

    Supervised by: Barbara Jefferson, LCSW-S

    Jack Crownover

    Supervised by: Renee White, LPC-S

    Leslie Varela

    Supervised by: Dr. Shirin Khosravi, LPC-S