• Interpersonal and Social Rhythms Therapy (IPSRT)

    What is IPSRT?

    IPSRT was developed as a treatment for mood disorders. The interpersonal elements of the modality are based on Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for depression which focuses on the relationship between mood and life events. IPT also emphasizes strategies to improve social support and relationships. The social rhythm elements of the modality come from the connection between daily routine or rhythm disruptions and mood destabilization.

    Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy is based on the idea that inconsistency in our routines such as eating, sleeping, circadian rhythm and other daily activities may provoke or exacerbate symptoms of a mood disorder. The goal is to use both IPT and social rhythms to promote the maintenance of healthy routines. Tracking tools can also be a vital part of IPSRT. Tracking can help to understand information about your habits and allow you to monitor changes in your rhythms and relationships. These tracking tools include the Interpersonal Inventory and Social Rhythm Metric.

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