• Abigail Eck

    Abigail Eck, MA, LPA

    I am so glad you're here. Choosing to open up and talk to a new therapist can feel terrifying. Yet, despite this fear, you’re here! You’re looking for something that can help. Therapy really does work and, although it isn't always easy, it is worth it. The process can feel freeing, eye-opening, and life changing. Truth is, you've likely been avoiding or pushing down feelings for months, years, or decades. You've hidden it for a reason, but you now feel ready to heal it. If you feel like your happiness is under lock and key and you don’t have the key, there is hope. If you feel like you have lost control of your thoughts and can’t manage your anxiety, there is hope. If you find yourself thinking you are worthless, never enough, or weighed down by whatever hurtful label you’ve been given, there is hope. If you feel like the person you are now is not who you are meant to be, there is hope.

    I realize that no two people are the same. Because of this, your treatment plan will be based on your specific needs and goals. I'm well-trained in many forms of therapy and will take into account your concerns, hopes, personality, and history when choosing evidenced-based therapeutic modalities and theoretical orientations. I integrate approaches to address your whole system: your attachment, body, emotions, behavior, thoughts, and history. I understand that we're complex beings and our issues don't affect just one part of us. We will respect your whole system. I work with adults and teenagers who check into or out of their body too much due to Complex PTSD. This usually comes in the form of Dissociative Disorders, Perfectionism, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I also work with parents, offering support for all that comes with having children. As a wife and mom, I know the beauty and sheer overwhelm that can come with these roles.

    I'm a Licensed Psychological Associate with Independent Practice by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists with experience in individual and group therapy as well as psychological assessment. I have a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University and a bachelor's degree in both Mathematics and Psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University. My clients consistently say that I'm genuine, safe, insightful, and open-minded. I'll listen and ask questions to help you explore yourself with nonjudgmental curiosity. I act as a sounding board as well as a mirror reflecting your strengths and sticking points. After we discover the underlying roots of your symptoms, you can begin to honor and use your strengths to adjust thoughts, feel your feelings, and ultimately reduce your symptoms. I would be honored to walk with you as you search for your Point of Convergence and restore a healthy life.

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    Abigail Eck is a Licensed Psychological Associate with Independent Practice by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TX License #38323; Expires 09/30/2025). For information on how to verify a license, please go to www.tsbep.texas.gov. For information on how to file a complaint, please go to the following page:  https://www.tsbep.texas.gov/how-to-file-a-complaint-enforcement.